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What is Cam Indexer?

Source:Dawlish Precision    Writer:Dawlish Precision    Time:2016-07-25 10:18:52

Cam indexer, known as cam splitter, also used to be called intermittent splitter, is a high precision swinging gear. It enables the intermittent motion. The cam indexer has advantages of high precision indexing, smooth operation, high torque, self-lock while indexing, compact structure, low noise, high-speed performance and long durability. It is an alternative and superior solution to Geneva mechanism, Ratchet mechanism, Pneumatic control mechanism and other traditional institutions.

Indexing cam is widely used in pharmaceutical machinery, food packaging machinery, glass machinery, ceramics machinery, tobacco machinery, filling machinery, printing machinery, electrical machinery, presses automatic feed mechanism, A variety of automated machinery which mechanism need to be converted to step operation from continuous operation.

Cam Indexer Inside Structure


Working principle:

Indexing camis make of input shaft, cam roller, output shaft or flange. The workpiece or the turntable is installed in the output shaft or the flange plate. When working, the input shaft is drove by motor. The conjugate cam on the input shaft and the indexing plate (with uniform distribution of needle roller bearings) on the output shaft are performing vertical engagement seamlessly. The cam profile curve segment contact the roller bearings and drive the indexing plate performing index rotation. Then the line segments cause the index plate to stop and self-lock. Typically, the input shaft rotate one circle 360 °, the output shaft will complete one index.

Base on the output shaft, the cam indexer is classifed into Shaft Series, Flange Series, Table Series, DA Series, FN Series.